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Librarians in training

Don't mind us. We're new here.

Library School
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Welcome to Library School! This is a specialized forum for discussion of applying to and getting through graduate school in library and information science!

lightfromlight, student at SUNY Albany and eliset, student at UT Austin, are your friendly moderators. If they shush you, obey.

Just graduated? Getting ready to graduate? Check out librarygrads for all of your job-hunting-whining needs. But stay around, we could use your expertise!

Looking for an LJ community for your school? Check these out...

iu_slis - Indiana University SLIS
uwo_mlis - University of Western Ontario MLIS
fsu_coi - Florida State University College of Information
simmons_gslis - Simmons College GSLIS
ut_ischool - UT Austin iSchool

Please Note: The first rule of this community is that all posts cross-posted to other library communities, especially libraries will be deleted. This is a specialized forum and not just an extra place to post library questions. If you absolutely must cross-post, please don't type the entire post in...post a link to the original question on the other community.