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An Inquiry on Cataloging

Hello Everyone,

As I am at the very beginning of my MLIS and Library School career I was under the assumption that I would have some time after a few core courses to discover which pathway I would most like to travel down in regards to a specialization within the field. Recently however, I noticed that courses for certain specializations are only offered every other year and if not taken in the next two semesters, I would miss my chance to take them entirely. This would obviously bear a huge influence on which specialization I choose.

As of right now my interests are greatly diverse and I am having trouble deciding between an Adult Library/Reader's Advisory Reference kind of role or the Technical Services specialization. I've been reading a lot of articles and opinions on the matter recently and was wondering if despite the often distaste many seem to have for cataloging, if it actually was indeed a perfect fit for me. One article even mentioned how there is such a massive amounts of applications for reference positions, yet hardly anyone applying for cataloging positions and there was an actual demand in a way for them. I'm sure this isn't true everywhere, but I found it interesting. There was another article which mentioned how catalogers are also usually the first to be able to inspect and discover the new books, artifacts, etc... that come into the library.

I guess what I'm looking for is perhaps someone who is a cataloger or someone who is familiar with the role can tell me a bit about it and perhaps the traits and skills they believe it requires. I liked someone's take on the common belief that the cataloger sits shackled in chains in the basement of the library and that while it does attract its share of introverts, it is also actually a lot of fun and exciting in its own way. Any kind of info, guidance, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps maybe even a bit of a dive into the day in the life of would be amazing. Thanks and have a great day!!
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