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Indiana University Acceptance!

Hello Everyone,

What a great community! I continually find myself looking back over all of the questions way back from when this group first started. Definitely some great insight!

First off, I am ecstatic to have been accepted to Indiana University! Technically, it's IUPUI and I am doing the program completely online. Has anyone else been accepted recently, or have any experience in this program? I would love to hear thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc...

I apologize if this a novice and common sense question. I was a bit curious about specializations within the MLIS field. I currently find myself drawn to Reference, Technical Services, Academic and Public Libraries, as well as Archives/Preservation, rare books, and Special Libraries. I understand Archives usually requires special training, and that each individual specialization gives unique preparation for that specific sub-field. Perhaps Staxoplax wouldn't mind shining some more light on this area for me? I've had a blast looking over past posts on archives and rare books. I actually grew up nearby Yale a few towns over.

One question is: say there is a job opening for a reference librarian, since the core courses are the same for all students regardless of specialization, would a student who specialized in Public Librarianship be considered to have a leg up on a student who specialized in Technical Services, and vice versa? Also, without a second degree, is an academic position as difficult to acquire as some sources make it seem?

Another question I had was, does anyone have any recommendations on what I should be doing, reading, etc... to prepare for my first summer semester? I have been reading up on job descriptions and studying different roles and responsibilities. Any specific recommendations for journals or the like?

Thank you so much and have a great day!
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