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Interview Thursday, very nervous!

After receiving a bachelor's degree in English and Anthropology in 2010, and an unfortunate illness/hospitalization not long after, I have had to put off graduate school so far because of a lack of funding.

However, I worked at a campus library for three years undergraduate and did a cataloging internship as well. There is a rare opening in my town for a library associate, that just requires a bachelor's and library experience, and I want it SO badly.

The interview is two hours long- they sent me a schedule. I am to meet with the director, then the children's/ya dept (where it would be located), and then a meeting with the board of trustees before a follow up with the director.

I have never had this type of interview before, and I am frazzled trying to think of enough questions for all the parties involved. I can think of general type questions for the director, but since the position involves working and coordinating with the YA dept AND the director I am unsure of how to spread out the questions between the two.

I am MOST puzzled about questions for the board, however. This is a newly created position, so I thought about asking some questions about funding (how the library obtains funding, how secure funding is for position) but was unsure of what kinds of questions are really appropriate for them/ good things to ask.

Any advice is very welcome!
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