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What if I don't want to KEEP CALM

Work load?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for this very useful community! I've learned so much here.

I am in the process of applying to MLIS programs, planning to start in Fall 2014. I am also trying to figure out what the next year will be like for me in terms of work/free time etc. I have two little kids (one will start kindergarten next year) and childcare costs are very high where I live, so it's really hard to find a balance between childcare/part-time job/study/volunteering/internships etc. But I have to make choices regarding nursery school and enrichment programs now (i.e full day or not, how many days etc.) and it all really depends on how much free time I will need to study.

So, what's the average work load for part-time study (say, 2 courses per term - or quarter)? If it matters, I'm applying to University of Washington, UIUC, Syracuse (online only) and Drexel (I am in central NJ so taking some courses on campus seems feasible). How much time do you usually spend studying per week? I guess it depends on the course and the time of the term and also varies between students, but I'm looking for a very general idea right now. I got my bachelor's degree in a different country so I have absolutely no idea how studying here works.

Thanks a lot!
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