fleurdelivres (fleur_de_livres) wrote in libraryschool,

UT Austin iSchool internships & employment assistance

I was wondering if anyone has any experience, either direct or anecdotal, with how much UT assists iSchool grad students with finding internships or jobs. I already live in Austin without the possibility of moving for a while, so it's basically UT or distance learning, and what mainly concerns me about UT is the utter dearth of information about this (mainly internships). SJSU, for example, has quite a bit of info and you can even search their database, and I particularly like the option to complete virtual internships since I'll still be working. If UT had a good system, wouldn't they want to talk about it? My other UT graduate friends (not from the iSchool) mainly agree that the liberal arts employment assistance program is awful, but the business school has one of the best in the country. With all I've read about practical experience being critical for postgraduate employability, this is unsettling.

I should mention, though, that it's been a few years since I finished my BA and I already have some professional experience. Right now I work at Apple in basically an information architecture capacity, although that's not necessarily what I want to do permanently (but it might be!), and I volunteer at the local public library. Assuming I can maintain both these things, how far back would that set me, experience-wise, if I'm unable to augment it during school? Ideally I would like to work in a public library.

Sorry this is long-winded, but I very much appreciate any advice.
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