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Anyone know anything about UCLA?

Hi all,

Are there any current/past UCLA mlis students out there that can sled some light about the program? In particular, does anyone know if they focus more on traditional librarianship or if they focus more on the tech side of information? Also can you do a double specialization or at least tailor your classes to include aspects of both? My interest is in archives but I figure the informatics stuff would be more helpful career wise. I'm going to email the department too but I figure I can get a better sight from people who actually went through the program.

I am torn between UCLA and Washington. UCLA is cheaper because I am in-state (go to the cheapest & closest option, right?)but I do not know what I am getting into. One thing I don't like about them is that they make no effort to recruit prospective/admitted students, ie no admitted visiting day, online Q&A, facebook group, or emails about the latest happenings in the department.
Washington will cost more but I know more about the program and I wouldn't mind moving to Seattle. Plus they've maintained consistent unsolicited contact with me throughout the whole process. However, saving 15k is very hard to pass up.
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