What if I don't want to KEEP CALM (waypastnoon) wrote in libraryschool,
What if I don't want to KEEP CALM

Fall 2014 applicants

Hey, are there any current applicants here? Where have you applied and where are you going?

I've applied to Drexel, Syracuse and UW and was accepted everywhere. It's a hard decision! I really like UW's program, but it's 3 years, and I am 36 already, and I really can only spend 1 year, 1.5 max at home with kids. Drexel is within commuting distance, and they gave me fellowship, so they are now the cheapest option - but it's still a ton of money. And the program is short, you can graduate in 1.25 years which is nice but I cannot really understand how people feel about this program, isn't it too short and easy? And I am still waiting to hear from Syracuse regarding any financial aid, this can change everything.

Any thoughts? and tell where you are going!
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