more_apples_now (more_apples_now) wrote in libraryschool,

What to put on the application resume?

So far I have my education background (should I include my gpa since it's already on the transcript?)and my relevant volunteer experience (volunteering in a library and at a museum archives). I'm thinking about adding my non-relevant work history (assistant manager at a restaurant) since it's been two years since I graduated. That would give me about one page.

I left out that I did a bunch of community service through various clubs while in college and was also in the student government but is that something I should include? I pretty much left out everything I did while in college because it just feels like I'm padding.

And is the objective statement even necessary? It seems a bit redundant to me because that should be covered by the statement of purpose. Besides, I've always been told to leave it out on regular job resumes. I have no publications or research experience.

Any advice or tips on what to put in the application resume would be appreciated.
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