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Hello all, found this community on a web search while I was trying to find out how difficult it is to get into UIUC's LEEP program. This is pretty much the only GSLIS option for me as my tuition will be completely waived due to my job with a different State University (AWESOME).

I'm a 2008 Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work grad - overall GPA was 3.47, major was 3.13... I don't have any library experience but am looking into volunteering at the public library here as soon as I can get moved closer. Unfortunately, I didn't keep in contact with any professors but I have professional references.

I would like to get into either academic or public librarianship - the former to engage my research and education-loving side, the latter to get to be around people! I'm shooting for Spring 2014, so I know it's fairly early to apply, but I was just hoping for a little help and insight.

Anyways, this community is pretty great, I've already learned a lot about applying and being a student, but I was just wondering if any of you vets had any additional insight. Thanks!
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I'm currently in the LEEP program, so hi :0)
I did my undergrad at UIUC in psychology and creative writing, GPA was about 3.4 with zero library experience. I think as long as you have decent undergrad experience and show a great dedication to librarianship in your entrance essays, you'll be a shoe-in.
And if you have any more questions about the program, feel free to ask! Good luck!!